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SCHWEGO® sorb 8227

Filter mats for fountain solution circulations


SCHWEGO sorb 8227 is an about 2 mm thick, on one side thermically thickened filter mat made of polyester which contributes to the keeping clean of the fountain solution circulations.

Finest components of paper and ink as well as any residues with germs from the system are effectively kept back.


• Catches even finest dirt accumulations and prevents any soiling by foreign

• Cut to size formats in all sizes

• Stable fitting by 390 g/m² quality


For any coarser prefiltration you can use a filter mat about 20 mm thick.

This mat is available in all sizes under the name SCHWEGO sorb 8226.


100 filter mats per packaging unit

200 x 440 mm

315 x 660 mm

400 x 900 mm

250 x 670 mm

1 x 20 meter on reel

Tolerance range: +/- 10 mm

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