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Cleaning Chemicals

Our product assortment includes a range of aqueous cleaning agents as well as some solvent-based special cleaners.

Water-based industrial cleaners offer better environmental and health compatibility and do not burden the user with solvent fumes. However, these cleaners have an intensive cleaning effect and are non-combustible and VOC-poor or VOC-free.

Solvent-based cleaners are characterized by a very fast and also intensive cleaning effect.


Our product range includes high-performance cleaners for various applications, from environmentally friendly multifunctional oils made from renewable raw materials to color and tar cleaners with an intensive cleaning effect.

Water-based cleaners

Solvent-based cleaners


Multifunctional Oil

bs 30

BS 30 - the green multifunctional oilGreenLine-Products

Multifunctional oil based on renewable raw materials. Free of aromates, mineral oils and silicone. An ideal assistant in workshops, industry and maintenance.

Universal cleaners

SCHWEGO clean ME BS clean ME 110GreenLine-Products

Water-based universal cleaner, based on renewable raw materials. Free of mineral oils, aromatics, terpenes. Removes Paints, varnishes, glazes, oils, waxes, grease, soot, bitumen, coal tar and adhesives.
Flasche Reiniger

SCHWEGO® aqua clean 8463

Water-based universal cleaner, alkaline
Replaces solvent-based cold cleaners and resin removers, removes paint and adhesive residues




Special cleaners

Flasche Reiniger

SCHWEGO® aqua clean SR 4026

Water based special cleaner
Calcium and cement haze remover, makes tarnished brass shiny again
Flasche Reiniger

SCHWEGO® clean SR 4022

Solvent-based special cleaner, no labelling according to GHS regulation,
Ink remover
Flasche Reiniger

SCHWEGO® clean SR 4023

Solvent-based special cleaner
Resin remover
Flasche Reiniger

SCHWEGO® clean SR 4025

Solvent-based special cleaner
Tar remover
Flasche Reiniger

SCHWEGO® clean SR 4027

Solvent-based special cleaner with low VOC
Cold cleaner, ink remover, grafitti remover
Flasche Reiniger

SCHWEGO® clean SR 4029

Solvent-based special cleaner
Break cleaner, degreaser, paint solvent