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Product Groups


Fountain Solution

Fountain solution additives for sheetfed offset, continous printing, newspaper printing (coldset), commercial web offset (heatset), semicommercial web offset. Fountain solution additives for IPA-free printing. Fountain solution additives with drying accelerator. Hardness increasing agent for soft water. Biocide, defoamer, filter bags, filter cartridges, filter mats, ink and oil absorber, cleaner for fountain solution circulations, drying agents.

Blanket and roller washing solutions for sheetfed and web offset printing. Washes for UV -inks. Washes for UV-alternating application, universal applicable wash.
Cleaning and Maintenance Products

Cleaning gel for ink rollers, ink solvent, cleaning agent for dampening rollers, blanket impregnating agent, hand cleaning gel, calcium degreaser, machine cleaning solution, numbering box cleaning solution, rejunevator for blankets and ink rollers, cleaning agent for brush rollers, waterbased cleaning agent for dispersion coatings, cleaning agent for press cylinder, cleaning solutions for damper covers, cleaning gel for anilox rollers, part cleaning solutions.
Special Products

Tack reducer, repair solution for blankets, roller protecting oil, roller protecting paste, water active drier, multifunctional oil.
Silicone Emulsions

Silicone concentrates for commercial web offset (heatset).
Spray Products

Anti-skinning spray, ink refresher and start spray, sliding and antistatic spray.
Spray Powder

Anti set-off powder on vegetable basis.
Pre-press and Plate Chemicals

Preservative for printing plates, film cleaner, deletion fluid, plate cleaner, plate cleaner for CtP printing plates, cleaning agent for printing plate processors.
Filtration Technique

Ink and Oil absorber, filter bags, filter cartridges, filter mats.