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Chemical products optimising the quality of paints, varnishes and similar coating systems and therefore to improve the product properties as gloss, flow, wetting, surface characteristics or storage stability   Chemical products for printing shops, optimizing the quality of the printing process and the printing products. Special chemicals for cleaning and maintenance  of printing presses and machinery.   Our product range includes a number of aqueous and solvent-based cleaning agents. Here you will find high-performance products for various applications, from quick-drying to low-VOC, from environmentally friendly multifunctional oil to paint and tar remover.
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SCHWEGO® flash rust inhibitor - Help to prevent flash rust

Brown spots appear short time after the application is done. Very often this phenomenon is visible at the film formation from water – based paints. These spots occur through migration of corrosion products (flash rust) from the metal substrate to the film surface...
Hand- and surface disinfection

In times of Corona, it is important to comply with the hygiene rules at home and at work. On this occasion, we are now producing hand- and surface disinfectants for our region and beyond...
Biocides in Fountain Solutions

What are effects due to the new legal situation? Our customers receive fountain solution additives specially adapted to the printing process from us. To protect our specialty chemicals from microbial attack, they contain...
test chards Test charts

In addition to our additives, we offer you various test cards for your laboratory. With test cards, properties such as opacity, spreadability or yield of paints can be tested ...

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