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Product Groups


Wetting and Dispersing Additives

Additives which improve pigment wetting, stabilisation and prevent floating, flooding and sedimentation of pigments. Simultaniously, they reduce the viscosity and increase color strength of coating systems.
Defoamers and Deaerators

Surface active substances which facilitate the bursting of bubbles on the coating´s surface or transport bubbles from the inside to the coating´s surface.
Corrosion Protection Additives

Additives which inhibit the corrosion of iron and steel and create a layer of chemical stable iron-(II)-oxide or prevent the formation of flash rust when the paint dries.
Multifunctional and Antiskinning Additives

Additive which combine different performances as antiskinning, viscosity stabilisation, improvement of levelling, wetting and dispersing properties.
Slip-, Levelling- and Substrate Wetting Additives

Additives which lower the viscosity and surface tension of coatings. Uniform levelling and flat finishing can be achieved.
Rheological Additives

Important additive influencing viscosity, flow ability and texture of coating materials during production, application and film forming process.
Matting Additives

Additives which achieve a matting effect.