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European Coatings Show 2019


Under the banner „SCHWEGMANN – Chemistry that fits“, we presented our latest product portfolio at the ECS 2019.
With our products WETT AGENT 8023, SCHWEGO® foam 6326, SCHWEGO® wett 6295 and others we can fulfill requests of additives for paint based on renewable raw materials.
ANTIGEL 6217 is a new multifunctional additive to prevent gelling, improve the dispersing step and substrate wetting of solvent-based paints.
Our SCHWEGO® thix 8315 is an easy to incorporate liquid thickener for solvent based systems. For water-based formulations we present SCHWEGO® pur 8350 and SCHWEGO® pur 8025, our new pur–thickeners free of APEO, VOC and tin.
Beside above mentioned products there is a wide range of wetting and dispersing agents, defoamers and deaerators, antiskinning additives, multifunctional additives, corrosion protection additives, rheological additives, slip, leveling and substrate wetting additives and matting additives for all kind of solvent-based and water-based formulations to solve the current problems in the coating market.