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SCHWEGO® flash inhibitor - Help to prevent flash rust


Brown spots appear short time after the application is done. Very often this phenomenon is visible at the film formation from water – based paints. These spots occur through migration of corrosion products (flash rust) from the metal substrate to the film surface. They are not only a visual issue, but also a start of a corrosion process which later will be caused from this point.

The flash rust formation dependents from diverse parameters, e.g. the place of the application, the current air temperature, respectively air humidity and so the drying speed, but also the pretreatment as abrasive blasting could play a roll. But very often all this parameters could not be optimized.

Flash rust inhibitors which are part of the formulation could avoid this phenomenon.

Bernd Schwegmann GmbH & Co. KG developed three new flash rust inhibitors and introduced them under the name SCHWEGO® flash inhibitor in the market.

SCHWEGO® flash inhibitor 6843 and SCHWEGO® flash inhibitor 6844 are two products for ferrous substrates. SCHWEGO® flash inhibitor 6845 is usable for ferrous and non-ferrous substrates.

All this three products are special mixtures of inorganic and organic salts. They are chemical active inhibitors and act as passivator and protective layers. They offer also corrosion protection through vapor phase inhibition.


The types offer the following advantages:

• They are free of nitrites (sodium-nitrite), borates and amines.
• They should not influence resistance, e.g. water resistance at the dry film.
• Also the products are free or low in the labeling.


Please see our brochure for more Information:

Broschure "SCHWEGO flash Inhibitor"