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Deaerators for non-aqueous nature paints


Are you looking for alternative raw materials, preferably of plant or mineral origin?


For many applications, replacing petrochemical raw materials is a new, further objective in the development of formulations. Properties and quality of this new formulation should of course continue meeting the desired high level to achieve the best results.


SCHWEGO® eco foam 6320 and SCHWEGO® eco foam 6321 are two new deaerators whose organic content is 58% and 98% respectively, according to ASTM-D 6866. These deaerators can replace the old petrochemical defoamers in solventborne formulations. They are also an ideal solution for non-aqueous natural paints.


Both deaerators cover the following properties:

  •   High proportion of renewable raw materials
  •   Universally effective in many binder classes
  •   Effective against macrofoam
  •   Prevents microfoam
  •   Also effective in petrochemical formulations
  •   Easy treatment
  •   Free from VOC
  •   Free from marking

You can find more information on the effectiveness of both products in the enclosed brochure.