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Bernd SchwegmannBernd Schwegmann establishes the correspondent company Bernd Schwegmann as a one-man company. For a start, he moves into rented facilities in Bonn-Beuel, Germany

Launch of ANTIGEL as a paint additive in the German paint industry
1957 Firmengebäude Schwegmann 1951Legal company address now is "whole sale an retail of raw materials and machinery for the coating industry, sales agency"
1958 Change to a limeted partnership. Among some coating additives, there are machinery and "Perflux-sieves" included in the product range. Bernd Schwegmann further more offers consulting service for the first time


Building of a new factory building and office in Bonn-Beuel

Klaus Schwegmann enters the company

Launch of KORRODUR as corrosion protection additive in the paint industry
1968 Managing Directors are Bernd Schwegmann and Joseph Röttgen, the real property gets extended
1969 The product range of printing chemicals is added to the delivery programme
1972 First attendance as exhibitor th DRUPA in Düsseldorf
1980 Klaus SchwegmannKlaus Schwegmann replaces Bernd Schwegmann as Managing Director and now manages the company together with J. Röttgen

Further enlargement of production- and storage facilities
1983 Mr. Hans-Joachim Matschassek enters the company and replaces Mr. Röttgen as business administration manager
1991 The European Coatings Show takes place in Nuremberg for the first time – we participate as an exhibitor


New building in the open country side in Grafschaft-Gelsdorf

Sebastian Schwegmann enters the company
2002 The devision Filtrationstechnik is outsourced and established as independent company Schwegmann Filtrations-Technik GmbH

Besides Klaus Schwegmann, Sebastian Schwegmann becomes Managing Director

Klaus Schwegmann retires, at the same time Hans-Joachim Matschassek becomes Managing Director. Now Sebastian Schwegmann manages the company together with Hans-Joachim Matschassek.
2010 Hans-Joachim Matschassek retires
2017 QM Zertifikat SchwegmannOur quality management system gets certified conform to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
Company founder Bernd Schwegmann dies at the age of 97 in Bonn on 06 may 2017. In the picture at the right, he can be seen together with his wife Ursula who was a shareholder since the early years of the company.