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Biocides in Fountain Solutions

Effects due to the new legal situation


Our customers receive fountain solution additives specially adapted to the printing process from us. To protect our specialty chemicals from microbial attack, they contain biocides. In the printing house, the dampening solution is formed from the fountain solution concentrate by dilution. Our development laboratory has adapted the biocide concentration to the resulting requirements.

Environmental risks from biocides

Biocides kill microorganisms and are therefore harmful to humans and the environment. These properties are clearly indicated by the classification and labeling as a hazardous substance. The European Commission has found that biocidal compounds that are well-proven in the printing process can be more damaging to the environment than previously thought. Therefore, the requirements for the classification and labeling of biocidal products have significantly worsened and must be implemented by the manufacturers by 1 May 2020.

Disadvantages of the new legal situation

Depending on the concentration and type of biocide contained, the new legal position may have the following effects due to the environmental hazards of biocides:

  • Marking of the fountain solution additive as hazardous to the aquatic environment.
    Result: The addition no longer meets the criteria for the award of the German Eco label “Blue Angel” for printed matter (DE-UZ 195) or the EU Ecolabel for printed paper.
  • Classification of fountain solution additive as dangerous goods.
    Result: There are increased freight costs.
  • Modification of the Water Hazard Class (WGK) in accordance with the German Ordinance on facilities for handling Substances that are hazardous to water from WGK 1 to WGK 2 or 3.
    Consequence: The product does not meet the criteria of the Austrian Ecolabel guideline for printed products UZ 24.

Benefit from our years of experience

We offer you optimized fountain solution additives that are not affected by the listed negative effects of the new legal situation. Take advantage of our many years of experience and be competently advised.