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BS 30 greenline multifunctional spray - the green multifunction oil


The use of multi function oils is widespread, used very often as a helper in the industry and at home. By its good creep properties, it loosens stuck parts and dirt, lubricates moving parts and protect from corrosion – so it is a versatilegreenline multifunctional spray product for maintenance. However most of the products currently available on the market are based on mineral oils, exhibit the typical smell and are easily flammable.


Company Bernd Schwegmann GmbH & Co. KG successfully intodruced BS 30 - a new, eco-friendly multi function oil based on renewable raw materials. The formulation is free of mineral oils, aromatics and silicone. BS 30 is listed in the data base of the german FNR (Agency for renewable raw materials).


This has several advantages: It protects not only the environment, but also the health of users. The product only slightly smells of vegetable oil and ensures a trouble-free processing of treated surfaces through the silicone-free formula. Another advantage: the high flash point reduces the fire danger.*


Conclusion: The mild but nevertheless effective formulation of BS-30 is not labeled with hazard warnings - the ideal replacement for the well-known, mineral oil containing multifunctional oils!


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*Exception is the aerosol, here the contained propellant causes a labelling with a flame.